Welcome to the public site for Paul Stob’s sections of CMST 210: Rhetoric & Civic Life at Vanderbilt University.

This is a course about citizenship, rhetoric, and civic engagement.  To function properly, democracies require an engaged citizenry.  But for citizens to engage their communities, societies, and governments, they need to understand how language, symbols, ideas, and appeals shape perceptions, facilitate judgments, and encourage action.  As a result, this course is designed to help students understand the intersection of rhetoric and civic life.

It is also designed to help them practice civic engagement. That’s where this site comes in. One of the projects in this course is for students to become advocates, adding their voice to a public controversy or issue. This website is the forum I use to share these voices publicly.

The posts you see on this site were written by my students in Rhetoric & Civic Life at Vanderbilt University. Here is a copy of the assignment that students follow while crafting their posts for this site.